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Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister
Electric Wire Twister

Electric Wire Twister

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Electric Wire Twister

Stop twisting wire with any rough tool
which is inefficient and may hurt your hands.
Now, work with the electric wire twister!

Improve your efficiency and make your work easier by saving you from repetitive works of wire twisting and striping. Prevent sore fingers and cramping hands.

 Better than what I expected! This machine can easily twist lines to make springs, and it’s kinda enjoyable to see it processing!

                                 - Strachey Anderson


Main Features

[Fast Twisting]

Twist a copper wire in seconds. Easily wind a line on copper wire. No more sore fingers and cramping hands.

[Improve Work Efficiency]

This is a machine that can twist the copper wire as well as winding lines, especially suitable for handmade DIY jewelry. It provides a better twisting effect and helps increase productivity.

[Electric Control]

Powered by USB, electric control the machine for quickly twisting wires. No manual work is required.

[Durable Material]

This wire twisting tool is made of durable hard alloy material, featured with high hardness, high wear resistance, strong heat resistance, and anti-rust for long service life.

[Widely Used]

It is mainly used for handmade DIY jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headdresses, and so on. Also suitable for various twisted-wire needed situations such as electrical work, handy craft, spring making.

[Easy to Use]

Step 1: Open the clip and put the copper wire in it;

Step 2: Press the button, the machine will automatically wind the copper wire;

Step3: The twisting work will be done after a few seconds, then slowly pull the twisted line out.

Note: Please make sure the power supply is connected during use.


Material: Alloy

Color: Black

Types: Standard Version, High-end Version

Weight: 130g (Standard Version)

Package Weight: 400g (High-end Version)

Dimensions: 6x3.3x3.4cm(Standard Version), 10x6x7cm (High-end Version)

Power Interface: USB

Package Includes: 1x Electric Wire Twister


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.

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