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Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner
Fitness Ball & Facial Toner

Fitness Ball & Facial Toner

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Fitness Ball & Facial Toner


♥Are you ready to get rid of your, double chin?  

Want to start a face slimming process? Looking for a natural way to sculpt jawline? With this jaw exerciser, it only takes a few minutes a day to stick to it and you can see the obvious effect. 


The Fitness Ball & Facial Toner is a face exercise product that helps strengthen and tone your facial muscles. Get a more defined face and bring back your youthful look. All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day to start seeing a difference.

With enough training, rest, and nutrients your facial muscles will like any other muscle, grow in time.


Since Fitness Ball & Facial Toner is a hands-free workout tool you can easily bring it anywhere and use it when you have time. Many of our users use it in their car on their way to work, in front of the computer, home while watching TV or cooking food, the list goes on and on...  


    Yes, it works! Your facial muscles work like any other muscles in your body, with enough training, rest, and nutrients they will over time grow and develop.


    The answer is simple. No. It would be like comparing walking with doing squats. In order for your muscles to grow, they need a proper workout with enough resistance. Even with the LVL 1 JawlineMe Ball, you will feel the insane difference between eating or chewing gum. FAQ 


    When we designed Fitness Ball & Facial Toner we were very careful that our product would be super simple to use. Right after you pick it up you can start exercising. But if you feel that it doesn't fit your teeth comfortably, you can simply mold the Fitness Ball & Facial Toner after your teeth!

    Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

    #1 Boil to Fit

    When you boil the product, you are supposed to put the whole product in the boiling water. Only have it there for a maximum of 8 seconds, preferably 3-6. Then rinse the product from the hot water.

    #2 Adjust to Teeth

    After you've boiled the product for 8-10 seconds and rinsed the hot access water, place the product on your teeth and gently press down on the white bite strips to mold them for the most comfortable fit.

    #3 Exercise

    Then you are good to go! Please follow our Recommended Workout Scheme here to get the best results and reduce the risk of injury.

    #4 Measure Results

    Before you start we suggest that you take a picture of yourself with clear lightning. Then after 4-8 weeks+ of frequently exercising with Fitness Ball & Facial Toner take a new picture and see if you've made some progress.

    You can also send your before and after pictures to us and we will be sure to share them with our community!

    Product information

    • Material: Food grade silicone
    • Strength:50 lbs
    • Crowd: Adult man, adult woman
    • The Benefits of Jaw Exerciser:
    • Chisel your jaw and achieve a stronger looking face
    • Activate 57+ muscles in the face
    • Increase blood flow and oxygenation to the face for a youthful look
    • Slim and tone the face for a defined profile at various angles
    • Increase metabolism to help you lose weight
    • Reduce cravings by satisfying the desire to chew and eat
    • Relieve stress and tension in the mouth and face
    • It is recommended to replace with a new one every month.
    Thank you for being one of our valued customers.🎉